Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Lately I have been forced to deal with some gruff and mean comments from people.  This is one thing I have tried long to avoid and do pretty well at it.  I had to fire a drummer a few weeks back and still have yet to actually do it.  I think I am just hoping, maybe, he just won't show up to that gig.  He has a family and is probably counting on the money.  He'll show up to work and someone else will already be in his chair.  Oh!  How about I just tell him two hours later that the correct time: he'll show up and we'll already be playing!  That'll teach him to skip on my rehearsals! 

Who am I kidding?  I'm not James Brown, or Betty Carter...  I can't be the hard ass. 

At least all that's what I used to think before I chose to just lose my mind instead.  Now I've been cancelling the scheduled rehearsals before I make them.  I even prepare dinner for seven and end up throwing the extra away on those assholes from the salon who smoke under my living room windows.  I always make pho that day.  Don't come over because I want leftovers.

What's with the high school friend who decides it's time, after four years of silence, to insult my business?  Perks are left and right in this business and you, of all the people I know from that time should know this.  Wanna know what happened?:  Two months ago I am playing a recently opened, but long owned, xbox game:  the sabeteur.  tuer?  Fuck it.  Either way I get a message about that website Gamefly.com asking if I had an account or did I own the game.  I answer that I got did music for Electronic Arts and got it.  Well two months later I get all this crap about getting free schitt and "did EA send you that?" and all this other crap.  It was in a gift bag last January.  Along with other items that I dare mention in public because of the skeptics and their opinions.  I even feel the need to warm other companies who have hired me to play at private, or public, functions...  Watch out: ESPN, Harley Davidson of Glenside, PA, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation, University of Pennsylvania, Republican Party of Montgomery County (yes...  I know.  I am a registered Libertarian.  It is what it is.  And, last I check, still a free market.), Mirage Casino, Harrah's Casino, City of Philadelphia, Chestnut Hill Business Association, Longwood Gardens, Chadds Ford Winery, Guilford College North Carolina, and countless bars and restaurants the past 11 years:  because I am a phony and claim to get residuals from two bands that I was never in (the A-Sides & Bloodfeathers).  At least that's what Brendan Burke claimed.  And I can't think of another time that I have ever been so insulted in my life.

Mock my height, or me.  Tell me that I am a terrible pianist.  Just don't lie about me.