Friday, January 25, 2013

close the city

Following Hurricane Katrina there were major sections of the city of New Orleans that were made unavailable to the public.  I know because, from Philadelphia, I made repeated attempts getting friends to try and get our cat out of our Marigny Apartment.  They were never able to access it.  I recall the military being stationed at the end of I-10 exit ramps blocking the flow of traffic. 

After reading this today it make sense why they did what they did, although it pissed me off for months.  If they allowed the Quarter-Rats, the diddyboppers and the rest of us drunks back home we would live without power for God-knows-how-long.  We would be sitting pretty (in the dark) until something even worse happens then we would be, like the people in the article, quick to blame the powers that for our impotent outlets. 

Solution: close the sections that aren't fit for living, especially with the recent cold blast in the Northeast.  CLOSE THE CITY.  Where are the shelters and offers of open homes that we experienced back in 2005/2006?  Did post-Katrina hospitality meet humanity's quota for the next 100 years?  Where is Larry David?  He let a fake family crash on Curb Your Enthusiasm, why not try it for real this time?

This country - this government made so many mistakes after Katrina that we are all never going to forget...  Why ignore one of the few smart decisions?