Monday, April 8, 2013

Goodbye Blue Monday

Today's weather is gorgeous and although I have piano students all day (11am-6:30pm) I am lucky enough to have had a 7 mile drive before and after the 11am lesson.  I jumped on the chance to skip the car and grab the Buddy.  Let me tell you: the drive was amazing.

On my way home I stopping into my parents for the sole purchase of using their toilet.  I grabbed a glass of water from the kitchen on my way out (after doing 40 minutes of scales on their Steinway... and boogie woogie patterns in all keys) and noticed something on their deck.  Next to their Gas Grill (which, as always was cleaned and covered after its last use) were three tanks of propane.  This is in addition to the one already hooked up to the grill, yet hidden from the grill cover.  Was there a BOGO on tanks at the True Value that I somehow missed?