Thursday, October 10, 2013

fart piano

Tonight I was approached by some people who knew who I was, having me at a disadvantage.  After introductions they explain that they are glad they ran into me, having purchased Viper Mad on a friend's suggestion and really enjoy some of the playing on the album from the entire band.  They had listened enough to have a favorite sax part, bass part and piano part.  They also commented on the drums on the last track - something that Chuck and I discussed recently while both in a state of mind that didn't allow for effective communication...


These two nice people were recently trying to find my schedule online and catch the band live.  They told me they used the BING search engine and typed in "REV CHRIS PIANO".  They then (without realizing it) clicked the filter so the results only contained YOUTUBE clips.

This was among the top results...

Here is a link to the commercial.

That pretty much sums up what I do to pay my rent I think.  Thank you, BING, for continuing to be better than GOOGLE.