Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Back that Belt Up

Yesterday morning I intended to put a belt on.  Intended is an interesting word choice.  I was going to say that I attempted to put on said belt, but after it was all over: wearing the belt was never truly attempted, just intended.
As I looped the belt into the first loop (on the left side of my waist) I used my left hand to grab my business card case off my dresser.  Since the left hand was busy I crossed my right hand over to my left side to put the belt into the second loop. 

Then something happened.

I am not sure what, but I instantly felt pins, needles and intense pain at the base of my spine. 
I haven't been very mobile since.  The best part is: our house is out of any sort of pain killer AND our heating pad suddenly decided it wouldn't turn on.  I have resorted to using masking tape and attaching STAY WARM packets to my lower back.  I have the masking tape circling my body three times to keep those suckers in place.

Needless to say I have spent this morning online searching for and ordering the finest sets of suspenders this side of the giant sequoias in Southern California in preemptive strike against a repeat of this situation.

Yours til the milkman goes on strike,

Rev C