Wednesday, March 20, 2013

That's My Girl

I am doing this blues as a solo piece on the new album.  The lyrics are silly, but accurate.  More details on the High Rollers record soon (I hope).

She looks so fine, all the people stare,
She's always hip, she's never square
That's My Girl.
She can tell time with the sun,
By my first sip, her drink is done,
That's My Girl.
She's never leave me, 
she says she needs me,
That's My Girl.

I never seen another one,
She's as rare as they come (or uranium),
That's My Girl.
She always Rocks with a Fonky Roll,
Staring at her will never grow old,
That's My Girl.
I'm gone: She misses me
I'm back: She kisses me
That's My Girl.

The prettiest face in this whole place,
Will send you right to outer space,
That's My Girl.
She knows my words tend to urge,
And purge ideas most find absurd,
That's My Girl.
I'm nothing without her,
She makes me shower,
That's My Girl.

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